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Father Benjamin J. Urmston, S. J.

PhD Peace Studies, Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Statement of Father Benjamin J. Urmston, S. J.


St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of my religious order, felt all of us need spiritual freedom, to really listen to God, to others, to ourselves, to be honest with ourselves. St. Ignatius thought secrecy and deceit did not come from the Holy Spirit. We should not make any decisions from inordinate affections such as excessive fear. I think genuine religion can help in 9/11/01 truth or in coming to any truth.

I think all of us together should create a positive vision for ourselves. One of my five pillars of a positive vision is the abolition of the war system, replacing it with a democratic world federation. Besides being dangerous, expensive, unnecessary, violent, harmful to the environment, a waste of precious resources, the war system has not been able to function without deceit and secrecy. "That's classified" is abused more often than not.

The fact that there has been a cover-up and silence about 9/11/01 obvious to many experts from many different disciplines is a sign there should be a completely new and independent investigation. What is more important to us than the truth about 9/11/01 and the so-called war on terror?